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Diamond Price Guarantee - Dinner For 2 - Terms & Conditions

“Lowest Price Guarantee” is for loose GIA graded diamonds 0.50cts and larger only. Diamonds to be considered for “Lowest Price Guarantee” must be within 0.02cts, have the same color, clarity, cut grade if applicable, fluorescence, polish quality, and symmetry quality as Coin Mart Jewelry’sEligible” diamonds. Diamonds for comparison must be compared against diamonds currently in stock at Coin Mart Jewelry only. Diamonds that are requested by Client and not in stock at Coin Mart Jewelry are not to be considered for the “Lowest Price Guarantee”.

Coin Mart Jewelry elects to be able to beat the price of a diamond found by the client only if Client purchases a diamond from another jewelry store and has a printed receipt from the store as well as a GIA report. Should Coin Mart Jewelry elect NOT to offer a diamond at a lower price, Coin Mart Jewelry will award a Gift Certificate for dinner for two at a San Diego Restaurant, limit one per couple or per person at Coin Mart Jewelry’s discretion.

When Coin Mart Jewelry has elected to award a gift certificate for dinner for two, instead of lowering a price on a diamond under the “Lowest Price Guarantee”, the diamond that was being compared and in Coin Mart Jewelry’s inventory, is no longer “eligible” as a low price guarantee for any future transaction by any customer. This offer is not valid for diamond dealers, wholesalers, retailers, jewelry professionals, or anyone considered to be in the jewelry business.


GIA: Gemological Institute of America

Eligible: An eligible diamond is considered a diamond currently in Coin Mart Jewelry’s inventory, 0.50cts and larger, with a GIA report.

Jewelry Store: A Jewelry Store is considered a “brick and mortar” business at a permanent location within the county of San Diego. Store cannot be a “diamond wholesaler” or internet dealer. Store must have a valid business license, and be considered a “retail” business in a commercial area, not a business advertising or claiming “wholesale”.

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